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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Basics

Mutual Fund Basics it's time to get back to the basics for advisors and investors when it comes to mutual funds in Canada. Mutual Funds are defined as a collective investment scheme that pools independent investors funds and manages them as an entire wealth under management and attempts to invest in particular areas, categories, sectors and geographical locations. The entire idea of investing is to make us much money as possible and to lose the least possible.

Warren Buffet is quoted as saying "rule number 1 is to not lose any money and rule number 2 is to refer to rule number 1". At Mutual Fund Basics the bottom line is to make, save and preserve as much money as possible at every turn. You the investor or advisor may have other ideas and experiences about mutual funds. Mutual Fund Investors and Shareholders are well served to know more, ask more and expect more. Mutual Fund Basics helps create an environment of information, education and participation and finally helps facilitate sales.

Mutual Fund Basics include first knowing as much current information as possible starting with the definitions, understanding mutual funds, reading mutual funds statements and more. The Free Mutual Fund Guide was created to dispense the knowledge base required to next participate in the Mutual Fund Market. Mutual Fund Guide simple in its form and presentation tell the story about mutual funds and everything investors and advisors need to know to create a good communicative relationship that help achieve better overall returns and excellent and informative services. The Mutual Fund Book a more complex explanation expanding the mutual fund basics to the next level of awareness for both loyal customers and the important advisors that service their needs. From first time investors to long-time savvy investors and seasoned advisors the Mutual Fund Basics is the best start of something good in creating the foundation for quality communication and winning portfolio results for more independently served investors.

From the novice investor to the professional advisor the Mutual Fund Book and the accredited "Mutual Funds Course" is the final piece of our complete knowledge base. Specially designed for advisors and The Advisor Channel the course and material give mutual fund advisors value for money and excitement for time with the know it all funds course and insight from The Advisors Advisor that know more than most financial professionals with the confidence of a professional sales, manager, mentor and friend.

Mutual Fund Basics – Guide – Book and Course are purposely made tools and systems to promote mutual fund education and financial literacy for all the right reasons. Learn more from our entire Mutual Fund Network of sites individually or take a pre-designed educational tour of our "sticky products" designed to attract and retain the right target markets with made for destination sites and places. Mutual Fund Basics – The Mutual Fund Guide and Understanding Mutual Funds are the flagships that keep the important concept of mutual fund marketing and sales at the heart of our programs teaching new people new things and helping existing investor and advisors abreast of what matters most in the world of Canadian Mutual Funds.

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